My older son and I are close, yet there is a love/hate aspect to our relationship: I love the way he takes care of the possessions he values the most, especially the ones he pays for with his birthday and holiday money, while he hates the way I accidentally manage to wreck them. My first hint Read More →

My son ran out of the DMV waving his new license, signaling that we both had something to celebrate: he could now drive himself to school, and I could finally replace my over-driven, under-appreciated SUV, smelling faintly of carpool memories and fossilized chicken nuggets. After spending weeks on the Internet, looking at automobile safety ratings Read More →

Last fall, before my sons left for college and abandoned their alternating schedules — one week at my house and the other at their dad’s — my younger son suggested a revised custody agreement. The change wasn’t for himself or his brother. Instead, he was asking on behalf of a tiny black ball of fur Read More →