Some people love going to the gym. I’m not one of them. It’s not the exercise that bothers me; it’s the actual facility. While others see treadmills, elliptical machines and free weights, all I notice is sweat, germs and stress. Rather than join a place overflowing with bodily fluids and a lack of personal space, Read More →

I like to consider myself a resource—a human Google for friends who may need a contractor, mechanic, or hair stylist. Yet, after one-too-many referral disasters, I’m retiring my personal search engine service. No more “He’s reliable, honest, and won’t overcharge you” or “Mention my name and you’ll get an appointment sooner.” I’m letting the real Read More →

My life is like an HGTV home improvement show minus the lights, camera, and any action from the Property Brothers. During the past four years I’ve purchased and rehabbed houses to flip or rent, a career change I made out of a strong desire to use my interior design degree and the sobering realization that my alimony was scheduled to run out in a few years. I credit Read More →