A few months ago, my younger son moved into a house off campus. Wanting to avoid the disaster-of-a-house his older brother faced, I took a few pre-emptive steps that I shared in my latest post for Grown & Flown.

Last spring, my phone buzzed with a text I was dreading, yet expecting from my younger son. He and three friends were on their way to meet a landlord at a house they were interested in renting the next fall. Hearing from my son didn’t cause me anxiety—I welcome texts, calls, even smoke signals from either of my sons. Instead, it was the dreaded feeling of horrible-housing Deja vu.

The spring before his senior year, his brother signed a lease for a house across the street from campus. (After seeing the place in person, I’m using the term “house” loosely). I was proud of my eldest for handling the details of his new living arrangement on his own without help from his dad or me. He was familiar with the home—his friend had lived there all year. The place he described for his final year of college sounded ideal.

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