This past year, my younger son and I toured a few of the colleges on his wish list. After visiting schools two years ago with his older brother, I knew these college tours were going to be as exciting as waiting in line for 26 hours to get a driver’s license, but I was looking Read More →

I was sitting in my stylist’s chair when I overheard two women talking in the waiting area. One was holding a large white box her friend had given her from a retailer so expensive, the store manager could demand a cover charge and customers would pay it. “What is this?” the box-holder asked. “It’s an Read More →

During grade school carpool, my sons piled into my minivan with their progress reports pinned to their backpacks like party streamers. Teachers, who were tired of parents complaining about not receiving the reports and the students “accidentally” losing them, attached neon-colored envelopes to each student’s backpack. It was a helpful system for the parents, but Read More →

My older son and I are close, yet there is a love/hate aspect to our relationship: I love the way he takes care of the possessions he values the most, especially the ones he pays for with his birthday and holiday money, while he hates the way I accidentally manage to wreck them. My first hint Read More →